What to do in Rocky Lake Public Reserved Land

Rocky Lake rests on 10,904 acres within a maze of coves and islands. Visitors enjoying fishing The East Machias River and Second Lake. Canoeing is a favorite sport as well as bird watching.

Rocky Lake Public Reserved Land rests on 10,904 acres within the Down East / Acadia Region. The area is a maze of coves and islands serving as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The 1,555-acre Rocky Lake and the smaller Second Lake are centrally located in the public reserve while the East Machias River and the Northern Inlet frame the property's east and west sides.

Visitors to Rocky Lake area will find an array of fishing opportunities including East Machias River, Second Lake, Rocky Lake, Northern Inlet, Huntley Brook, Meadow Brook and much more. The beautiful area is blessed with abundant wildlife, gorgeous scenery and plenty of cold and warmwater game fish. Smallmouth bass is the primary catch which love to congregate around the rocky islands. Fly fishermen enjoy this spot as well and are known to fish with woolly buggers. Out in the center of the lake, fishermen give their hand at catching white perch. Maintained forest campsites may be found at the base of Rocky Lake at the end of the rough Diamond Match Road off SR 191. About a half mile north of Diamond Match Road is an unmarked rough road heading west to Northern Inlet. This site offers a trailerable boat launch while the other site only offers a cartop boat launch. Several primitive sites including a shelter are available along the lower western shore of Rocky Lake. Primitive camping is also found along the banks of East Machias River near Lower Riffles. Second Lake has a small boat launch site located off a footpath at the southern shore. A network of unmarked trails travel throughout the water scored land providing wonderful bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities. This area permits snowmobilers in winter. Hunting and trapping are allowed, subject to state rules and regulations. Call 207-287-3821 for specific policies and laws regarding these activities.

Rocky Lake Public Reserved Land is located on SR 191 out of East Machias.

Visitors to the Down East / Acadia Region may expect to find daytime winter temperatures averaging above 18 degrees Fahrenheit (above -8 Celsius). Summer brings southwesterly winds and temperatures averaging above 68 degrees Fahrenheit (above 20 Celsius). The region receives an average of more than 44 inches (112 centimeters) of precipitation each year.

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