Newport, Rhode Island coast (Newport County Convention & Visitor's Bureau)

Sailing past castle in Newport, Rhode Island (Newport County Convention & Visitor's Bureau)

Rainbow and boats in the harbor, Newport, Rhode Island (Newport County Convention & Visitor's Bureau)


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What to do in Newport

The former home of the America’s Cup, Newport, Rhode Island, may still have an air of exclusivity for folks who have yet to visit. Well, my friends, the Vanderbilts, Dukes, and Astors lived in their gaudy marble and gold-leafed mansions a good century ago. Now they’re open to the public, as is the three-mile Cliff Walk, above the Atlantic with glimpses of those mansions’ manicured backyards. Newport is not only a prime place to sail, thanks to a prevailing southwesterly breeze, but also to sunbathe, swim, and surf, with long stretches of beach, killer waves, and waters a bit warmer than those of Cape Cod and Cape Ann. Overnight options start under $100 and go well over a $1000 for house rentals overlooking the Atlantic. So what will it be? Lobster thermidor or lobster in the rough?