Top Adventure Lodges

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The perfect adventure lodge will drop you in the lap of the world's most spectacular landscapes, but backed up with the right measure of guided expertise, equipment, and some downright luxurious base-camp amenities. Here, we present our favorites, from the Adirondacks to the Andes.

Resort/Lodge Name Resort/Lodge Location
1. CMH Heli-Hiking Bugaboo Lodge Brisco, British Columbia, Canada Map
2. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Map
3. Dunton Hot Springs Ophir, Colorado, United States Map
4. explora en Atacama (Hotel de Larache) Antofagasta, Chile Map
5. Jade Mountain Resort Soufriere, St. Lucia Map
6. Jungle Bay Resort and Spa Roseau, Dominica Map
7. Mnemba Island Lodge Stone Town, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania Map
8. The Lodge at Sun Ranch Cameron, Montana, United States Map
9. Three Camel Lodge Ulan Bator, Mongolia Map
10. Salkantay Lodge and Adventure Resort Urubamba, Peru Map

The World's Top Resorts & Lodges in Pictures