What to do in Ramapo Mountain State Forest

Information provided by New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry

Ramapo Lake Natural Area (1,417 acres)

This natural area offers spectacular views from numerous rock outcroppings and ledges and rewards those who accept the challenge of the winding hiking trails and rocky terrain that comprise most of the site. A 120-acre clearwater mountain lake provides an excellent spot for fishing and birdwatching. There is no swimming permitted in this lake. The area is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

An system of marked hiking and multi use trails are available for the public to explore. These trails offer visitors opportunities to hike interior woodlands and rocky vistas.

The multi use trails are suitable for hiking, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. Please obey all designated uses of the trails, posted at the trail heads and trail crossings.

Please note that trail difficulty ratings are opinion only. All trail mileages represent only the portion of the trail that goes through Ramapo Mountain State Forest, and complete trail lengths could be longer, therefore a topgraphical trail map is recommended for navigation of the trails.

TRAILS: LENGTH (miles) RATING Cannonball (Red blazes) 6.0 miles Difficult

Castle Point (White blazes) 1.0 miles Difficult

Hoeferlin (Yellow blazes) 6.0 miles Difficult

Lake 4.0 miles Easy

Lookout (Red blazes) 1.5 miles Difficult

MacEvoy (Blue blazes) 2.5 miles Difficult

Ringwood-Ramapo (Red blazes) 2.5 miles Difficult

Road to Lake 1.0 miles Difficult

Todd (White blazes) 1.5 miles Difficult


Winter sports:ice fishing, cross-country skiing




Bergen and Passaic Counties

Take Route 287 to exit 57, follow Skyline Drive to parking lot on the left

The temperatures in New Jersey vary slightly, with the southern area being the warmest. Winter weather can start by October and is in full force by November, temperatures average 20 to 40 degrees. Spring can begin in mid March and brings temperatures of 50 degrees F, by April temperatures can reach 65 degrees F. Summer weather can extend from late May to mid September, and temperatures often reach 95 degrees during this season with nighttime lows near 65 degrees. Fall weather has temperatures between 65 and 45 degrees F. Precipitation levels in New Jersey are highest from March through August.

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