What to do in Pocomoke State Forest

Pocomoke State Forest is comprised of 14,753 acres in Worcester County, between Snow Hill and Pocomoke City. The forest is famous for its stand of loblolly pine trees. Cypress swamps border the Pocomoke River and the nearby waters provide good fishing. Three areas in the forest, including the swamp, are designated wildlands.

Recreations available at Pocomoke State Forest include Chandler Trail, which is open to ORV vehicles and may only be used by motorcycles and four-wheel vehicles. The trail is open year round with access off U.S. Highway 113. A permit is required.

The forest is open to hunting and fishing in season. The important forest game birds and mammals include wild turkey, white-tailed deer, and gray squirrels. Due to the fact that 96% of the forest is classified as forestland, this group of wildlife species is common throughout the forest.

Upland game birds and mammals are not as common in the forest, but do provide hunting opportunities. Low populations of eastern cottontail rabbit, northern bobwhite quail, mourning dove, and American woodcock can be found in recently cutover areas, openland habitats that exist on the forest or near private agricultural lands adjacent to the forest.

Aquatic habitats located within and surrounding the forest support several species of waterfowl. Open waters include the Pocomoke River, its tributaries, and several swamps/marshes. Wood ducks and mallards are the most common species.

Hunting with rifles, handguns, shotguns, bows and muzzleloaders is permitted in all designated areas in accord with state and federal laws. Possession or use of weapons is prohibited in State Forests outside of regular open hunting season. Target shooting is prohibited. All game birds and game mammals may be hunted. Game shooting stands are limited to those of a temporary nature, which can be removed or dismantled at the end of each day. The hunting season in state forests conforms to standard hunting seasons adopted by state and federal regulations.

Pocomoke State Forest offers accessible hunting.

Fishing, flatwater paddling, multi-use trails including ORV area, and hunting grounds are the limited recreations within the state forest parcel. Developed areas are available within the state park.

Pocomoke State Forest is located along the lower Eastern Shore in Worcester County, between Snow Hill and Pocomoke City.

Maryland has four distinct seasons with spring and fall being particularly pleasant with low humidity and mild temperatures. The average January temperature ranges between 30 and 34 degrees F (-1 to 1 C) with July averages ranging between 74 degrees F and 80 degrees F. Typically, coastal temperatures are slightly warmer then the western Appalachian Plateau area. Travelers should be aware that winters can become miserably cold and summers can be hazy, hot and humid with afternoon thundershowers.

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