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Sulawesi, Indonesia

This all-inclusive, private-island dive resort off the southeastern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia, offers diving every way imaginable. However, it's quite a haul to get here. All guests must fly into Bali and spend at least one night there before flying into the resort's private airstrip on a charter flight.

Once at the resort, guests choose from one of 26 lodging options, which are split...

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Bali, Indonesia

Breezes waft over the Indian Ocean and right through your spa villa. Merely gazing across the sparkling waters of Jimbaran Bay is therapeutic treatment enough. And all that's asked of you here? Simply to relax among the resort's elegant Balinese architecture and gardens. Thermes Marins, the crème de la crème of European spas, has only one sublime resort spa in Asia. And this is it....

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