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DAINTREE, Australia

A highlight of any trip to Port Douglas, Australia, north of Cairns, is a trip into dense and primeval Daintree Rainforest. Supposedly 16 times older than the Amazon and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Daintree is home to rare plants like giant strangler figs and dinosaur trees. Not only is the forest rich with bird life, but you might also spot pythons, lizards, frogs, the sky-blue Ulysses...

Cass, Canterbury, New Zealand

You won't find "sheep trip" on most wilderness lodge activity menus, but it's the must-take tour at Arthur's Pass. At this working sheep farm on a 6,000-acre nature reserve on New Zealand's South Island, you can start the day by shearing a Merino or bottle feeding an orphan lamb.

In the springtime, the farm shears roughly 1,000 sheep per day, which not only provides high-end wool for...