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St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

A little bit James Bond, a little bit The Honeymooners, and okay, maybe a bit Swiss Family Robinson… this private island resort will relax you beyond what you may have dreamed possible. Or it will drive you absolutely crazy within two days (including one full day of travel time). It all depends on whether you can handle going without cell-phone service, television,...

Marisule, St. Lucia

All-inclusive offerings on the tropical paradise of St. Lucia run the gamut from modest to adults-only to classic Sandals, but the best of them is a newcomer that opened in winter of 2008. With a mere 26 guest suites on the property, this boutique hotel remains an insider's secret: the sense of happy discovery is almost palpable among the guests. Though it doesn't market itself as such, this...

Morris Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

A labor of love built by a husband-and-wife team over the course of several decades, this is a local landmark with which you might fall in love—and you won't be alone. Everything is top-notch, from the food to the facilities, and the all-inclusive rate encompasses activities that usually carry an extra charge—most notably, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and water-skiing. Service is...

St. James, Barbados

Everything about this property is appealing, starting with its locale (sexy Barbados, home to Rihanna, and site of one of the Caribbean's best Carnivals). Located on the island's western coast, its most dramatic visual features are focused around water: There are the tiered freshwater lagoon pools—three in...

MARAPICA, Dominican Republic

Iberostar bills its 516-room beachfront Costa Dorada as the perfect vacation for anyone who loves watersports. And with its prime location on the Dominican Republic's northern coast, plus an ample offering of activities—from kayaking to snorkeling and diving—there's no question it delivers.

But there's also an appeal for anyone who appreciates having plenty of activity...

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

For travelers who love a great deal and want an all-inclusive resort that's thrumming with activity, the 463-room Riu Mambo—on the beach in gorgeous Maimon Bay in Puerto Plata—may be the perfect solution. (Travelers, please note, however, that this resort closes for the season from June through October.)

The resort itself has two restaurants and two bars, two lagoon-style...