Cityscape with bridge and skyline of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Corbis)

Cityscape with skyline of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PhotoDisc)


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What to do in Pittsburgh

For turn-of-the-century steel magnates, financiers, and coal workers, Pittsburgh was a city of industry. Fast-forward to the present, however, and the Smoky City is progressing into a beamingly proud metropolis that tourists are starting to embrace. The Phipps Conservatory will soon house one of the world’s first “living buildings,” a certification for the highest level of sustainable building practices. Previously abandoned industrial sites have been redeveloped into housing, shopping, and office spaces like SouthSide Works and Bakery Square. And, of course, when the Steelers are in town, gold Terrible Towels fill the air as an eardrum-blasting cheer roars through the city. Yet as loud as Steeltown can be, its quiet side might be the best part—whether it’s crispy-edged pancakes at a diner or a riverside bicycle ride through the Golden Triangle.

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BBPLYR22 rates Pittsburgh
Being from the California, I took a chance and went out to school out there for 4 years. I fell in love with the city, the culture, and the people. I would recommend this place for anyone. It is truely a beautiful place
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