Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park (Ron Crabtree/Photographer's Choice/Getty)

Located primarily in the northwest corner of Wyoming, with portions extending into southwestern Montana and southeastern Idaho.

Yellowstone National Park
P.O. Box 168
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190-0168



To park:
Automobile access is available by many state and federal highways. Commercial airlines serve the following airports year-round: Cody and Jackson, WY; Bozeman and Billings, MT; and Idaho Falls, ID. The West Yellowstone, MT airport is open from June to early September.

Bus service from Bozeman, MT to West Yellowstone, MT via Highway 191 is available year-round. Bus service directly from Idaho to West Yellowstone is limited to the summer months. Commercial transportation from Bozeman, MT to Gardiner, MT is available during the winter and summer seasons.

Train service is not available to Yellowstone National Park. The nearest train depots are in southeast Idaho and northern Montana. Contact Amtrak for specific schedules.

In park: There is no public transportation provided within the park. Most visitors travel the 370 miles of paved roads in their personal vehicles. Concessionaires provide bus tours in the summer and snow-coach tours in the winter. Commercial bus tours are subject to a separate fee schedule based upon the seating capacity of the bus. Please phone 307-344-7311 for details and reservations.

For more detailed information about local transportation and lodging options, contact the local Chambers of Commerces near Yellowstone Park.

Entering the Park
There are five entrances to Yellowstone National Park (see below), but only one is open year-round to wheeled vehicles.

With the total area of the park encompassing well over 3,000 square miles, there is obviously more than one way into the park. Here's the info you need to make your trek to Yellowstone as hassle-free as possible:

North Entrance - Near the gateway community of Gardiner, MT, the North Entrance is the only park entrance open to wheeled vehicles all year. Services are available year-round at this entrance. November through April, the North Entrance provides the only access to Cooke City, MT.

West Entrance - Adjacent to the town of West Yellowstone. The West Entrance is open to wheeled vehicles from mid-April through October, and to tracked oversnow vehicles December through mid-March. Services are available year-round.

South Entrance - Open to wheeled vehicles from early May through October and to tracked oversnow vehicles December through late March. Limited services are available at the South Entrance.

East Entrance - Open to wheeled vehicles from approximately May through October. Open to tracked oversnow vehicles December through mid-March. Limited services are available at the East Entrance.

Northeast Entrance - Near the gateway community of Cooke City, MT. There is year-round wheeled vehicle access to Cooke City through Gardiner, MT, and the North Entrance. Other wheeled access is available only late May through October. Services are available year-round.

The Map of Yellowstone National Park and the Visitor Centers & Museums Map show the location of the Park Entrances.


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