White Mountain National Forest

Hikes on the Kancamagus Highway

Rail 'n' River Trail

Easy Walk. 0.5 mile (10 minutes to one hour round-trip.)

Fairly flat trail, wheelchair or stroller accessible. 12.3 mileswest of the Saco Ranger Station on the Kancamagus Highway. Followthe trail from the parking lot at the Russell Colbath Historic House.

Sabbaday Falls Hike

Easy Walk. 0.4 mile (20 minutesto one hour trip.)

Location: 15 miles west of the Saco Ranger Station.

A picturesque series of cascades in a narrow flume. Descriptivesigns point out rock formations. There is a picnic area at theentrance of the trail.

Mt. Hedgehog via the UNH Trail

More difficult. 5 miles (4-5 hoursround trip.)

Location: 13.5 miles west of the Saco Ranger Station on left opposite thePassaconaway Campground. This is a loop hike via the UNH LoopTrail to Mt. Hedgehog. This trail offers a moderate hike to thesummit of a 2500-foot mountain with spectacular views of the SwiftRiver Valley in many directions.

Mt. Potash Hike

More difficult. 4 miles (4 hoursround-trip.)

Location: 13.5 miles west of the Saco Ranger Station.

Start on Downes Brook Trail across from PassaconawayCampground. Trail to the summit of Mt. Potash (2660 feet) is openand ledgy and affords excellent views of the Swift River Valleyand surrounding mountains in all directions. Use extreme cautionon ledge areas. The Mt. Potash Trail then leaves (sharp right)and soon crosses Downes Brook. The route over ledges is markedwith yellow paint. Not a loop trail.The Lovequist Loop Trail

Easy. 0.7 mile (1 hour round trip)

Location: 9 miles west of the Saco Ranger Station at Rocky Gorge. A shortwalk around Falls Pond offers a sample of the internal beautyof the Forest. Bring along your fishing rod and camera. Treadsoftly and be careful of plants and vegetation.

Greeley Ponds Trail

Moderately Easy. Approximately5 miles

Location: The trailhead is 9 miles east of Exit 32, I-93 on the KancagmagusHighway. Greeley Ponds Scenic Area is about 1 mile from the highway,featuring two ponds. Upper Greeley Pond, with its dark aqua-greencolor, is a beautiful spot, surrounded by old growth timber andtowering cliffs. By contrast, Lower Greeley Pond is shallow andmore typical of a beaver pond. Both ponds offer trout fishingand an enjoyable place to have a picnic lunch.

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Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 8 Nov 2010
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