Wenatchee National Forest


Wenatchee Forest campgrounds meet a variety of camping needs. Over 150 campgrounds and picnic sites provide room for a total of 12,000 people at any one time. Some campgrounds have sites designed for tent camping, for camper truck use, and for use by those pulling a trailer. Other campgrounds have areas specially designed for campers who bring their horses for trail riding. Still other areas have been developed with the trail bike enthusiast's camping needs in mind. Both single-family and multi-family camping sites may be found.

Most campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be used free of charge. Free use sites have campfire rings or fireplaces, picnic tables, and primitive restroom facilities.

Sites that are more developed charge a use fee. Charge campgrounds all have drinking water and garbage service in addition to the basic amenities. Restroom facilities in some of the more developed campgrounds may even have flush toilets. Campground use rules and instructions on how to pay camping fees are posted on bulletin boards in each campground.

There are also developed campgrounds that have sections available for use by large groups, such as family reunions. These sites may be reserved ahead of time and use fees are based on the number of people in the group and length of stay.

Salmon La Sac Campground
Nestled in towering evergreen trees, between the Cle Elum and Cooper rivers, is Salmon La Sac Campground. In early times this area served as summer meeting grounds for the native Indians. Salmon La Sac meant "fish in a sack" because of the plentiful runs of salmon that were taken with nets and dried for winter food.

Early white man's activity in this area consisted of prospecting for gold, silver and other precious metals. On occasion, evidence of this historic activity is found by hikers who venture off the beaten path.

Salmon La Sac Campground is fully developed with spacious picnic areas, 112 campsites and a large 100-person group site. At the entrance to the campground is the old Salmon La Sac guard station. Currently this imposing log structure is on the National Historic Register. In the future it's planned to be a visitor center with interpretive displays and activities.

Near the campground is the Salmon La Sac trailhead. Hikers and pack-horse travelers can take Polallie Ridge (#1309), Waptus River (#1310) or Cooper River (#1311) trails from this starting point. Though Forest Service road #46 makes Cooper Lake accessible by car, the Cooper Lake trail provides an interesting and not-to-difficult day hike. Tent camping is permitted at Cooper Lake's Owhi Campground.

Near the Salmon La Sac guard station is Cayuse Camp, a Forest Service horse camp with hitch rails and corrals. This camp also serves as Jolly Mountain trailhead.


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