Wenatchee National Forest

Multi-Use Trails

Snow Lakes/Eightmile Area

SnowLake #1553
Permits required. Numerous switchbacks, moderate grade. Access to Enchantment Lakes. Dogs not permitted. Trail closed to stock.

Enchantment Lakes #1533.2
Permits required. Very steep grades with loose gravelly scree slopes. Primitive trail marked with rock calms above Colchuck Lake, Snow Lakes and within the Enchantment Lakes basin. Dogs not permitted.

Stuart Lake #1599
Permits required. Moderate grade with some steep sections. Dogs not permitted. *Trail closed to horse travel from May 1 to first weekend after Labor Day.

Colchuck Lake #1599A
Permits required. Steep and rocky grades. Access to Enchantment Lakes. Dogs not permitted.

Eightmile Lake #1552
Heavily used trail. Moderate grade. First half mile is on private land and portions of trail follow an old logging road. Recommend day use only for stock. No horse feed or good horse camps available.

Eightmile-Trout Creek #1554
Steep grade becoming gentler near Caroline Lake. Horse feed available from Little Caroline Lake to Windy Pass.

Icicle Creek Area

Icicle Creek #1551
Valley-bottom trail through old-growth timber. Very limited horse feed.

Square Lakes #1567
Steep trail. No horse feed at lakes. Recommended day use only for stock at Wolverine and Square lakes. No horse feed or good horse camps available. Horse campsites available two miles before Wolverine Lake.

Leland Creek #1566
Muddy valley-bottom trail. Fords across Leland and Icicle creeks not recommended during high water. Not recommended for horse travel.

Frosty-Wildhorse #1592
Heavily-used trail. Numerous moderately steep switchbacks. Horse feed and camps west of Frosty Pass. No horse camping at Lake Margaret.

Chain Lakes #1569
Very steep trail. Snow remains in Doelle Pass late in season. Trail from Doelle Lakes down Doughgod Creek no longer maintained. Recommend day use only for stock at Chain Lakes.

Lorraine Ridge #1568
Steep grade. Horse feed available at ridgetop. Water available at Lake Lorraine only. Ford across Icicle Creek not recommended during high water.

Jack Creek Area

Trout Creek #1555
Moderate grade switchbacks for three miles, then valley-bottom trail to lake. No horse feed at lake. Recommended day use only for stock.

Jack Ridge #1557
Numerous switchbacks to ridgetop view.

Jack Creek #1558
Valley-bottom trail, muddy in places above Meadow Creek. Limited horse feed in basin two miles from Stuart Pass.

Meadow Creek #1559
Valley-bottom trail. Camping and horse feed available.

Fortune Creek-Van EDDS #1594
Moderate grade to old mining camp.

Black Jack Ridge #1565
Numerous steep switchbacks through timber and open meadows. Ridgetop views. Camping and horse feed available.

French Creek Area

French Creek #1595
Valley-bottom trail through old-growth timber. Horse feed available at Paddy-Go-Easy Pass.

Snowall-Cradle Lake #1560
Steep grade on Meadow Creek side. Moderate from Snowall side with some muddy sections. No camping within 200 feet of Cradle Lake. Cradle Lake is closed to camping with pack and saddle stock. Good camps are available in Snowall Creek, Meadow Creek, and Black Jack Ridge.

Klonaqua Lake #1563
Steep trail through old-growth timber. Trail closed to pack and saddle stock.

French Ridge #1564
Moderate switchbacks to ridge from Icicle Creek. Steep grade from French Creek. Water scarce late in season. Horse feed available. Spring located in Cuitin Creek west of ridge.

Icicle Ridge Area

Icicle Ridge #1570
Ridgetop trail difficult to follow in places. Horse feed available. Water sources limited from Cabin Creek to Leavenworth. Good horse camps available in basin below Lake Augusta.

4th of July Creek #1579
Steep trail with numerous switchbacks. Horse feed available on Icicle Ridge. Water sources limited. Watch for rattlesnakes.

Chatter Creek #1580
Very steep trail. Brushy and rocky in places. *Not recommended for horse travel.

Chiwaukum Creek Area

Chiwaukum Creek #1571
Valley-bottom trail. Horse feed available.

Index Creek #1572
Moderate grade with brushy sections first mile. Steep and primitive trail to Index Basin. Camps and horse feed available in basin.

N. Fork Chiwaukum #1591
Valley-bottom trail becoming very steep and narrow with loose rocky tread between Glacier Creek and Chiwaukum Lake. *Trail closed to stock above Glacier Creek trail junction.

Painter Creek #1575
Steep grades for first two miles, then valley bottom trail to Icicle Ridge trail. Camps and horse feed available.

Badlands #1576
Steep grade. Horse feed available. Water scarce.

Hatchery Creek #1577
Heavily used trail. Steep grades. Horse feed available.

Glacier Creek #1573
Valley-bottom trail. Moderate grade. Horse teed available at trail end.

Ingalls Creek Area

Ingalls Creek #1215
Valley-bottom trail. Moderate grade. No horse feed below Beverly Turnpike, limited feed above.

Falls Creek #1216
Steep and narrow trail. Limited horse feed in upper basin.

Cascade Creek #1217
Steep and narrow trail. Limited horse feed.

Hardscrabble Creek #1218
Steep trail, difficult to follow in places.

Fourth Creek #1219
Moderate grade. Horse feed available in upper basins.

Ingalls Way #1390
Very heavily used trail. Access from North Teanaway, on Cle Elum District. Hiker-only trail. Camping not permitted at Ingalls Lake. No campfires beyond Ingalls Pass.

Blewett-Mission Creek Area

Squilchuck #1200
Steep trail through old-growth larch stands.

Mission Ridge #1201
Steep trail with ridgetop view. No water. Some horse feed available.

Tronson Ridge #1204
Steep ridgetop trail with loose rocky soil. Limited water and horse feed. Trail beyond Magnet Creek junction is confusing due to private-land logging. *Trail closed to motor bikes from Oct. 1 to June 15.

Magnet Creek #1206
Very steep switchbacks and loose rocky soil for first 1.5 miles.

Negro Creek #1210
Trail crosses private-land logging in several places. Follows old road for the first mile and is washed out by flooding in the next mile. This portion of trail is not passable by horse or motorbike. Upper portion of trail closed to motorbikes from Trail #121.

Devil's Gulch #1220
Moderate grade. Potentially hazardous creek crossings in high water at 4.5, 6.5, and 7 miles. Limited horse feed.

Red Hill #1223
Fairly steep grade. Trail crosses private-land logging and follows old logging roads in several places. Ridgetop views. *Trail closed from Red Hill Spur Jct. to Tronson Ridge Trail from Oct. 1-June 15.

Red Hill Spur #1223A
Moderate grade with numerous switchbacks.


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