The Seven Best Food and Wine Adventure Trips

Volcano Aconcagua and Vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina
Volcano Aconcagua and Vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina  (iStockphoto)
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We’ve made our thoroughly opinionated picks, but—as with most things—it really all comes down to personal taste. So, check out the culinary adventures on offer from our partner Adventure Finder. And let us know what we missed in this article’s comments.

You understand what sous-vide means. You spend hours in your local bottle shop without referring to the latest wine app. Your affection for stinky cheese is revered (and quietly cursed) by your friends and family. In short, you’re a foodie. To keep you happy—and hopefully convince others to see the world through your rosé-colored glasses—we present the best culinary-centric package trips, where adventure is capped with lots (and lots) of food and wine.

Cycling Italy’s Culinary Delights with ExperiencePlus
The best way to consume all that rich Italian cuisine without a hint of guilt? Biking through the premiere pasta region. From Cremona to Parma to Modena, you’ll taste the country’s best food—Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, homemade pasta, balsamic vinegar—wash it down with the finest wine, and pedal off any lingering guilt.

Andes and Wine in Mendoza with Say Hueque
Turns out the perfect pairing for a primo Argentina Malbec is a horizon dominated by the peaks of the Andes. Spend three nights touring Mendoza and Aconcagua National Park—as well as the country’s premier wineries—and decide whether it’s the wine or the scenery that’s gotten you so tippled.

A Gastronomic Gulet Cruise in Turkey with Peter Sommer Travels
Take to the open water around Turkey in this tall-ship sailboat, where you hop on shore to collect ingredients from local markets, cook with a Turkish family, and prep food in small regional restaurants. Then, return to the boat, where the resident chef will continue the blissful culinary indulgence.

Napa Valley Wine-Tasting Trek with Wine Country Trekking
This five-day trip marries a bit of walking with a lot of wine drinking, world-class restaurants, state parks exploration, and wandering of quiet country roads, to prove (once again) that Napa lives up to every wine-lover’s expectation.

Flavors Out West at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch
Paris or Rome may get the lion’s share of the predictable culinary attention—but spend a few days at the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch and the term gourmet will have a new geographic center.

Spain Hike, Bike, and Wine Tour with Zephyr Adventures
The only thing wrong with spending six days in northern Spain, hiking and biking and eating and drinking, is that it’s only six days! Consider it an appetizer to the Spanish lifestyle, and let this trip feed your foodie expat sensibilities.

Chile and Argentina Gourmet Adventure with G Adventures
There’s more to being a food lover than just eating and drinking. This trip ups the ante to include cooking classes, vineyard tours, visits to culinary training projects, and the urban sophistication of Buenos Aires.

Published: 9 May 2012 | Last Updated: 6 Jul 2012
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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