Tahoe National Forest

Bullards Bar Trail

Mileage: 7 miles
Elevation: 2,243 to 2,250 feet
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Use Level: Moderate
Season: All year
Topographic Map: Camptonville 7.5', Challenge 7.5'

Access: From Nevada City take Highway 49 to Marysville Road (County Road No. 117) two miles west of Camptonville and turn left. Follow this road for 2.7 miles to the Dark Day Picnic Area/Boat Ramp turn off. Turn right and continue for 0.5 miles. Take the left fork to the Picnic Area and the trailhead. The trail can also be started at the Sunset Vista Point, which is 3 miles west of the Dark Day Picnic Area/Boat Ramp turn off. The Sunset Vista Point is located 0.75 mile east of the Bullards Bar Reservoir Dam. Finally, this trail can also be accessed near unit 13 of Schoolhouse Campground.

Trail Description: As indicated under the access description, the trail can be started from several trailheads. It offers an easy walk along the contour of the lake with excellent spots for fishing or swimming. There are plenty of wildflowers, ferns, and some huge ponderosa pines and Douglas firs. To really enjoy a nice picnic and a relaxing view of the lake, visit the Dark Day Picnic Area.

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Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 23 May 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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