Florida Fishing Regions

Madison County

Cherry Lake
Cherry Lake (479 acres) is located 10 miles north of Madison. Turn right on SR 253 for approximately 1-1/2 miles. Cherry Lake has excellent bass fishing for the smaller fish; however, a few ten pounders are caught each year. The water is clear, therefore light line is a must. The best baits are blue, green, black and purple plastic worms. The peak season is February and March.

Bluegill and redear fishing is fair with most fish being taken with live bait fished on or near the bottom. The best fishing period is May, June and July. Sunshine bass are a local favorite and are caught on live shiners, trolled spinners and deep diving lures. The peak season for sunshines is November through February.

Access at Blue Springs off SR 6. The river offers limited success for largemouth bass. The best baits to use are small black or purple worms fished near shoreline cover. The peak season is February through May. Redbreast sunfish are caught near fallen trees and stumps from March through September. The best baits are small spinners and live crickets.

Suwannee River
Numerous access points. The Suwannee River offers excellent largemouth bass fishing throughout the year for small yearling-sized bass. Most fish are two pounds or less. The best baits are small float-diving type lures and purple or black plastic worms. Each of these should be fished near the shoreline and around fallen trees or stumps. Redbreast sunfish are by far the most abundant game fish in the river and are easily caught on small spinners fished near fallen trees and stumps. Another good method is to use a long limber cane pole and live crickets. The bait is fished along the shoreline as the boat drifts downstream, thus the local term of "throw fishing." The peak season is from May through September.

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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