Superior National Forest

Cross-Country Skiing
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Tucked away at the northeast corner of Minnesota, bound by Lake Superior and Canada, Superior National Forest offers snowy climes and superior cross-country skiing. The forest shelters the renowned Boundary Water Canoe Area, a vast region of water and forested rock, some of which is skiable.

Pincushion Mountain Ski Trail is considered by more than a few people to be the best skiing in the area. The trails here are scenic, and offer a range of difficulty levels, from beginner to intermediate and beyond.

If it's good grooming you're after, take a look at Flathorn-Gegoka. This groomed system offers 15 miles of beginner to intermediate trails, and even has an adjacent resort with accommodations and rentals.

If good grooming is the exact opposite of what you want, Herriman Lake takes you into the Boundary Waters wilderness, where signs, roads, and evidence of logging disappears. No motorized equipment here. Some difficult climbs are rewarded with vistas of oxbow lakes and the forest in winter. Worth it. Jasper Hills Trail System is another excursion into solitude, with lots of diversity and even a little machine tracking.

But really, there ain't hardly a dog in the bunch. Winter's long up in Minnesota. It's good to have some options.

The Trails
Astrid Trails
Birch Trail
Coxey Pond Trail
South Farm
GW Pine Plantation
Herriman Lake
Jasper Hills Trail
Big Moose Trail
North Junction
Pincushion Mountain Ski Trail
Slim Lake Trail
Tucker Lake
Bird Lake

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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