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The ski trail system consists of 15 miles of groomed double and single track trails for all skill levels. All trails are marked with orange or blue plastic diamonds; each intersection with a numbered post and marked map. (An adjacent resort has overnight accommodations and ski rentals.) User maps are available at the resort and the Isabella Ranger Station.

Location: The Flathorn-Gegoka Cross-Country Ski Trail is located approximately 35 miles southeast of Ely, Minnesota, along Highway #1.

Access: From the Lake Gegoka Public Boat Access off Highway #1. Parking and restrooms are available.

Recreation Opportunity Class: Roaded Natural

The ski trail begins with a short run across Lake Gegoka. Early and late in the season (December and March) the lake surface may be slushy. The most easily traversable and most popular length of trail is double tracked. A beginner or intermediate skier can accomplish this in approximately an hour and a half. Single track trails veering off to the right head north of Flathorn Lake along the Little Isabella River. These loops are generally hilly and long, more appropriate for an intermediate to advanced skier.

Single track trails veering off to the left head northwest of Lake Gegoka through open spruce bogs. These trails include some hills and can be accomplished by a beginner. Single track trails heading farther northwest from here go through stands of large Norway pine and regenerating forest. These loops are hilly with some steep downgrades and corners. Skiers traveling here from either the resort or picnic access should plan on at least a 3-plus hour round-trip.

There is a series of short loops for skiers to choose from. The ski trail system is generally well used and maintained. Taking a day pack with water, snacks, and extra clothing is recommended.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 20 Apr 2011
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