Thru-Hiker's Guide to America

Superior Trail Weather
By E. Schlimmer

Excerpted from Thru Hiker's Guide to America by E. Schlimmer

The weather on the SHT is highly influenced by one factor that keeps things cool or hot during your SHT thru-hike: the direction of the wind. When the wind is coming from the interior of the North Shore, you can rely on short-term warm weather. If the wind is coming off Lake Superior (which, again, is about the size of Maine), you can expect to dig out an insulating layer or at least a windproof shell. Veterans of the Superior Hiking Trail have reported drops of nearly 20° in a short amount of time.

Even without Lake Superior nearby, temperatures in northern Minnesota take on characteristics of other more mountainous areas in the United States. Temperatures during a summer day reach the mid sixties or seventies, with the night’s lows dipping into the forties. Overall, you should be more concerned about cold than heat. But don’t expect to see any flurries during your thru-hike unless you are out there during fall foliage season. Both Grand Portage and Duluth have never seen temperatures reach the 100° mark, but they have both seen record low temperatures colder than –35°.

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