Roadside Lookout Points - Washington Scenic Drives

Wenatchee National Forest, Washington. Do you like to visit high overlooks and scenic mountain tops? Have you wondered how to find those unique views that are accessed by road? Well, the Forest Service is also interested in these unique viewing areas and they are called "Fire Lookout Points." Most of these views were identified in the 1920s and 30s when early forest firefighters set about identifying the best views to watch for fires. Trails were blazed to the overlooks, and fire lookout stations and roads were constructed.

Blue Slide: North Fork Ahtanum Road from Tampico or our 4 Wheel Driveway #637 from South Fork Tieton. Remarkable views into Tieton Basin.

Clover Springs: Road #1600 from the Nile or Cliffdell, suitable for high-clearance vehicles. Good views into the William O. Douglas Wilderness.

Edgar Rock: Trail access from Lost Creek Trail #964 near Cliffdell. Good views into Naches River and Cliffdell.

Jumpoff: Road #1302 from Windy Point on Highway 12, high-clearance vehicles required for this 13-mile drive. Outstanding views into the Tieton Basin. The lookout station remains; PLEASE TREAT IT WITH CARE AND RESPECT.

Little Bald: Turn right at spur road #231, off the Nile Loop Road #1600. Outstanding views into the Bumping Lake basin.

Miner's Ridge: Road #1809 beyond Bumping Lake. Take a high-clearance vehicle and follow the signs beyond Granite Lake. Remarkable views into the William O. Douglas Wilderness.

Raven's Roost: Road #1902 suitable for passenger cars after July 15th. Panoramic views into the Little Naches Basin and Fifes Peak.

Timberwolt Mountain: Road access from Highway 12 or the Nile on Road #1500. High-clearance vehicles suggested on spur roads. Remarkable views into the Rattlesnake drainage. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB WILDLIFE.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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