Blue Ridge Parkway - Virginia Scenic Byway

Points of Interest: Mile 217 - 300+

Mile Mile 217.5
Cumberland Knob , at 2,885 feet, is a delightful spot to walk through fields and woodlands.

Mile 218.6
Fox Hunters Paradise , a 10-minute walk, is where hunters could listen to their hounds baying in the valley below.

Map - Mile 190+ - Mile 220+

Mile 238.5
Brinegar Cabin was built by Martin Brinegar about 1880 and lived in until the 1930s when the homestead was purchased for the parkway from his widow. The original cabin stands here today.

Mile 238.5 to 244.7
Doughton Park was named for Congressman Robert L. Doughton, a staunch supporter and neighbor of the parkway One of the best locations to see deer.

Mile 258.6
Northwest Trading Post is sponsored by the Northwest Development Association to keep alive the old crafts within North Carolina's 11 northwestern counties.

Mile 260.6
Jumpinoff Rocks , at the end of a short woodland trail, offers a beautiful vista.

Mile 264.4
The Lump provides sweeping views of the forested foothills.

Map - Mile 220+ - Mile 270

Mile 272
E. B. Jeffress Park has a self-guiding trail to the Cascades and another trail goes to the old cabin and church.

Mile 285.1
Boone's Trace , which Daniel Boone blazed to the west, crosses near here.

Mile 292 to 295
Moses H. Cone Memorial Park has 25 miles of carriage roads, ideal for hiking and horseback riding. Flat Top Manor houses the Parkway Craft Center. Fishing is available.

Mile 295.1 to 298
Julian Price Memorial Park , the former retreat of an insurance executive, offers a variety of short trails and a lake.

Map - Mile 270 - Mile 300+


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