Apalachee Savannahs Scenic Byway - Florida Scenic Drives


The scenic byway begins 9 miles south of Bristol at the boundary of the Apalachicola National Forest on State Road (SR) 12. Turning onto SR 379, the byway travels through flat to gently rolling terrain and moist lowlands. Visitors may explore bays of magnolia and cypress, groves of oak or stands of longleaf pine that thrive in the sandhills and flatwoods.

The grassy, open spaces mark savannahs, which provide moist-to-wet terrain that support many varieties of wildflowers including orchids, pitcher plants, and sundews. These savannahs are some of the most botanically rich areas in the country. The byway is also ecologically important as a showcase for one of the largest remaining blocks of natural longleaf pine and wiregrass in existence.

Endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers, fox squirrels, black bears, bobcats, wild turkeys, gray fox, raccoons and alligators are at home in the diversified ecosystems of the Apalachee Savannahs Scenic Byway.

History buffs will enjoy visiting Fort Gadsden Historic Site near the southern end of the Byway. Visitors may view the outdoor museum with its diorama depicting dramatic events that took place here on the Apalachicola River. The Scenic Byway ends at the National Forest boundary on SR 65.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 20 May 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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