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Prado Regional Park/Prado Recreation, Inc.

This 2,200-acre park is actually in two sections. There's the regular old regional park, with lakes, huge manicured fields, and playgrounds, and the dog park, with 1,100 acres of land for dogs to go leashless.

The regular old park charges $5 per vehicle on weekdays, $6 on weekends, and $1 per dog. Dogs must be on leash. A day here makes for a pleasant family outing. Camping can be fun, too. Sites are $15. The dog training park will cost you $9 per person or per couple per day (up to two dogs are included in the fee). Camping anywhere on the 1,100 acres costs $5.50. But don't get the idea that this place is just a heavenly area where your dog can run like a crazy California canine. This is a dog training area, and we're generally not talking about the old sit-stay stuff. We're talking hunting and herding. We're talking dogs who work for a living.Prado Recreation is not for vegetarians or anti-hunting folks. Chances are good that you'll see some dead birds here. You'll even see the people shooting and the dogs retrieving what they've shot. As we drove through, we saw labs and springers everywhere obeying hand signals in ponds and fields where there were bound to be birds.People laughed at poor old Joe Airedale as we cruised through."Ha ha ha" was all we could hear as they pointed at his dumbfounded, curly head. Somehow they could tell that his retrieval instincts stop where his nose starts. He was embarrassed, but he continued to stick his out the window anyway.Dogs who herd really can go to town here. On a mist-shrouded field, we saw an elderly gent walking with a long wooden staff. He would quietly whistle or give subtle hand signals to two very intense Border collies who were keeping a couple of big goats in line. It was as if we'd been transported across the Atlantic. Aye, rarely have we seen a more lovely dog scene.You'll need to bring along proof of your pooch's rabies vaccine to either part of the park. The regular section of Prado Regional Park is located about seven miles south of Highway 60, on the left side of Euclid Avenue. Call (909) 597-4260 for information or camping reservations. To get to the dog section, take the first left after Prado Regional Park. You'll be on a very bumpy dirt road for what may seem like a long time, but eventually you'll come to the park's office. Call the Prado Kennel at (909) 597-6366 for more information.


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