Cruising the St. Croix

Section 5 Soderbeck Landing to Old Rush City Ferry Crossing


Interstate Park is located on the St. Croix River at St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and Taylors Falls, Minnesota. There is a user fee for camping at this large DNR campground. For more information write DNR Interstate Park, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024, or call (715) 483-3747.

Points of Interest

59.2 miles Soderbeck Landing. Downstream from this point there are numerous agricultural areas. The put-in for this quiet stretch of river is on either the Wisconsin or Minnesota side of the river immediately downstream of the Snake River. The Snake River is a State of Minnesota Wild River. There is a primitive camping area on the Minnesota side by the mouth of the Snake River.
62.3 miles Sand Rock Cliffs. The top of this cliff provides a panoramic view of the river valley. There is road access, but this area is not a convenient landing.
63.2 miles WI 70 Information Station. There are landings on both sides of the river. The information station offers drinking water and telephones (river right).
63.6 miles Mouth of Wood River. Enters from the left.
64.2 miles Raspberry Landing. There is road access on the Wisconsin side of the river.
65.7 miles Riffles. In this area there are a few grade I riffles.
66.0 miles Stevens Creek. Enters from the right. This creek marks the border of Pine and Chisago counties on the Minnesota side of the river. There is an alternate landing on the right bank.
66.2 miles Unnamed creek. Enters from the left.
67.5 miles Rock Creek. Enters from the right
68.5 miles Benson Landing. There is a primitive campsite at this landing which has road access. A U.S.G.S. gauging station and landing is locating on the Minnesota side of the river.
70.0 miles Old Rush City Ferry Crossing. There is a takeout for this stretch on either side of the river. The ferry ceased operation in 1940. If you are headed downstream you might be interested to know that it is approximately 16 river miles to Nevers Dam and 24 miles to St. Croix Falls.
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