Cruising the St. Croix

Section 4 Norway Point to Soderbeck Landing

Water Conditions

The U.S.G.S. gauge is located in Burnett County, Wisconsin, on the left bank of the WI 35 bridge at Riverside. Both Sections 4 and 5 are nearly always runnable. At a gauge reading of 1.5 Section 4 becomes a grade II.

Canoeable Days Per Month

April: 30
May: 31
June: 30
July: 23
Aug: 20
Sep: 25

Points of Interest

49.4 miles Norway Point. This is the put-in for Section 4. This section has numerous I-II rapids. Iron Creek enters from the left.
50.5 miles Bear Creek. Enters from the right.
51.5 miles Nelson Landing. There is a landing on the left bank with primitive camping facilities. This is the last chance to exit before the rapids (grades I and I-II) that begin downstream. There is a good parking lot which holds 20 cars.
51.7 miles Pike Rapids. This is a short easy grade I rapids. About 100 yards downstream there are a series of very large islands that divide the river into two channels. These channels are described separately below.

Left Channel - This channel has fewer rapids than the right channel.

52.5 miles Big Beef Rapids. This is a rather long grade I-II rapids.
53.6 miles Main cut across channel. This marks the point nearly halfway to where the right channel joins the left one. In normal and low water levels this is a 25-minute walk towing the boat around rocks if you want to change channels. Fox Landing is located on the left bank.
55.7 miles August Olson Rapids. This is a shallow but easy grade I-II rapids that begins in both channels just above their confluence with one another.

Right Channel

52.5 miles Bearpaw Creek. Enters from the right. Near this location, loggers are alleged to have blasted away the river to clear logjams. During high water periods in subsequent years this channel increased to its present size.
52.7 miles Upper Kettle Rapids. This is a shallow grade I rapids.
55.0 miles Mouth of Kettle River. Enters from the right. The Kettle River has a total drainage area of 1,093 square miles. This river is regarded as a Wild River by the state of Minnesota. Just downstream of this location there is a long grade I-II rapids. This is followed by August Olson Rapids at the point where the left and right channels join.
58.5 miles Redhorse Creek. About a half mile downstream there are landings on both sides of the river.
59.2 miles Soderbeck Landing. These landings are the recommended takeouts for this section.

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