Cruising the St. Croix

Section 3 Danbury to Norway Point


Big Yellow Banks, Little Yellow Banks, and Sand Creek campgrounds are in Pine County, Minnesota. Norway Point campground is in Burnett County, Wisconsin.

Points of Interest

30.4 miles Danbury. This is the put-in for Section 3. There are landings on both the Wisconsin and Minnesota sides of the river. Since the river is rather large at this point, allow extra time if there are appreciable headwinds from the west. There are no rapids on this section.
32.6 miles Sangeta Creek. This creek enters from the right.

33.2 miles Lower Tamarack River. Enters from the right. Remains of a primitive village are located on the right bank near the mouth of this river.
34.8 miles WI 77 (MN 48) bridge. There is a parking area and public landing on the right bank just downstream of this bridge. This point marks the start of the St. Croix River State Forest.
37.9 miles Sioux Portage Creek. This was the main travel route to Yellow Lake used by the Indians and fur traders.
40.4 miles Crooked Creek. Enters from the right. There is a landing on the right bank just downstream of this location at the site of an old logging camp.
43.9 miles Mouth of Clam River. Enters from the left. The drainage area of this river is 416 square miles.
44.4 miles Little Yellow Banks. On the right bank, just downstream of the mouth of the Clam River, there is a landing and campground.
46.4 miles Kohler Peat Bog. There are approximately 4,000 acres of conifer swampland in public ownership. There is a large deer population in this region, which is a public hunting ground.
47.1 miles Big Yellow Banks. There is a landing and campground located at these ruins of the old logging era. The Old Flemming logging railroad brought white pine to the river at this point and from here the logs were floated downstream.
48.6 miles Mouth of Hay and Sand Creeks. Both enter from the right.
49.4 miles Norway Point. This is the takeout for Section 3 and put-in for Section 4. There is an improved landing located on the right bank. There are camping facilities. A U.S.G.S. gauging station was located at this site from 1923 until 1970 when it was discontinued. The drainage area at this location is approximately 2,820 square miles. In times past, this was the site of a small mill and a ferry crossing.
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