Cruising the St. Croix

Section 2 CCC Bridge to Danbury, Wisconsin

Water Conditions

The U.S.G.S. gauge is located in Burnett County, Wisconsin, on the left bank of the WI 35 bridge at Riverside, 3.5 miles downstream of the confluence of the Namekagon River.

Canoeable Days Per Month

April: 30
May: 31
June: 30
July: 23
August: 20
September: 25


Trout can be found in the rapids areas and in numerous cold-water tributary creeks. Muskie and smallmouth bass are common in other parts of the river.


Gordon Dam Park has been developed by Douglas County. There are 40 spaces that frequently are filled on weekends in summer. There is a small user fee. For more information contact the County Clerk, Superior, WI, 54880, or call (715) 394-0341. There are numerous primitive campsites along the river. There is no fee required for their use, but camping is limited to overnight. There are primitive campsites without water but with road access at Louise and Shone Parks.

Points of Interest

15.5 miles CCC bridge. This is the recommended put-in for Section 2.
17.7 miles Moore Farm Creek. Enters from the left.
18.7 miles Mouth of Namekagon River. Enters from the left. There are some riffles here. Since the watershed of the Namekagon at this point is twice that of the St. Croix, the river becomes larger downstream from here.
19.2 miles Perkins Creek. Enters from the right.
20.0 miles Big Island. This inhabited island is approximately one mile long and one-half mile wide. Both the right and left channels around this island are navigable.
22.0 miles Hay Creek. Enters from the right. Just downstream of this creek is an optional landing at a developed campground.
22.7 miles Riverside Landing. This is a suitable and alternate landing with developed camping facilities.
23.2 miles Chase Creek. Enters from the right.
23.4 miles Hen and Chicken Islands. This area received its name during the logging era when it was the site of numerous logjams.
24.7 miles Ginger Island. This large island signals the start of State Line Rapids. This rapids rates grade I and is located in the right channel around the island. Downstream of this location, the right bank of the river lies within the state of Minnesota. From this point until its mouth, the St Croix forms the boundary of Wisconsin and Minnesota.
25.9 miles Pansy Landing. Provides an alternative landing on the left bank. The Upper Tamarack River enters from the right, just downstream from here.
26.5 miles Trout Brook. Enters from the right.
28.2 miles Crystal Creek. Enters from the right.
30.2 miles Mouth of Yellow River. The drainage area of the Yellow River is 310 square miles at its mouth. This makes the total drainage area of the St. Croix River 2,084 square miles just below this location.
30.4 miles MinneapolisSt. Paul Railroad Crossing. This railroad crossing signals landings located slightly downstream of here on both the Wisconsin and Minnesota banks of the river. These landings are the recommended takeouts for this section.© Article copyright Menasha Ridge Press. All rights reserved.


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