Top Ten California Mountain Bike Singletrack

Lake Shasta: Far North
By Will Hagen

Of the several singletrack loops in the Lake Shasta - Trinity National Forest area, this eight-miler is one of the prettiest, plus it has some technical downhills! It's called the Clikapudi Trail and actually skirts scenic Lake Shasta.

From Redding, take Interstate 5 north and follow the signs ten miles to Jones Valley. Starting at the Marina, crank along the mostly level first part as it passes several lake inlets. At Clikapudi Creek you'll begin climbing, next follow an ultra-scenic ridge top, and then have a fun descent to the main paved road. Watch your speed though; there are a few steep sections and tricky switchbacks waiting to throw you! At the bottom you'll come to the main road. Turn right and you'll spot a singletrack gently dogging the lakeshore part of the way back to the marina. It's a fun little ripper with some great views, especially as the sun sets.


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