Jump into Spring

Destinations That Will Recharge Your Renewable Resources

The wind picks up across the city canyons. Despite whatever sprawl may exist around the city in which you live, you can still pick up the smell of the outdoors beyond. The fresh ocean breeze. The wind from the mountains. The chill north wind. And the days are getting longer. Already you are shedding layers of outergarments, letting the warmer and warmer sun penetrate your bones.

You need to get outdoors. You need to get away.

Spring is here, bringing its spirit of renewal, its surge of wildness. Why wait until the doldrums of summer to get away? It's time for renewal. Now.

What would you like to renew in your life: a relationship, a love for the outdoors, your spirit of adventure? We've picked out some ideas. But ideas are just springboards, to launch your own imagination. Let's jump . . .


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