Olympic Singletrack

Lower Big Quilcene Trail Practicalities

Length/Configuration: 12.4-mile single-track out-and-back (6.2 miles each way).

Aerobic Difficulty: Moderate; a few short bursts on the 1,420' gain to the upper trailhead.

Technical Difficulty: A few rooty and rocky sections, but mostly smoooooooth.

Scenery: Classic Northwest forest and riverside scenery.

Special Comments: Adventurous beginners can blossom on this trail.

General Location: The ride starts 6.6 miles southwest of Quilcene. Quilcene is about 30 miles southeast of Sequim, 50 miles northwest of Bremerton via the Hood Canal Bridge, and 54 miles north of Shelton.

Elevation Change: Elevation at the lower trailhead is 1,200'; at the top, 2,500'. Additional climbing makes for a total elevation gain of about 1,420'.

Season: You'll find the best riding conditions from late spring through mid-fall.

Services: Services are available in Quilcene. Bike shops are in Sequim, about 35 miles north on US 101, and all the way down in Shelton, about 55 miles south on US 101. Get what you need before you come.

Hazards: A tough creek crossing just before the upper trailhead is best walked. A few shallow water diversion ditches along the trail demand your attention. The trail is open to motorcyclists, and though it is not heavily used by the gas-powered crowd, be aware that you may encounter a throttle-twister or two.

Rescue Index: Help is available in Quilcene.

Land Status: Olympic National Forest, Quilcene Ranger District.

Maps: Truth be told, if you can get to the trailhead and follow the route, you don't really need a map—you need it more to get to the trailhead than on the trail itself. But in case the unthinkable happens, be prepared with the Custom Correct Buckhorn Wilderness map or the Quilcene Ranger District map, both available at the Quilcene Ranger District Office.

Source of Additional Information:
Quilcene Ranger District
295142 US 101 South
P.O. Box 280
Quilcene, WA 98376
(360) 765-2200

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