Spotlight on Nicaragua's Adventure Scene

By Austin-Lehman Adventures
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Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua
Mombacho Volcano, Nicaragua  (courtesy, Austin-Lehman Adventures)

The time is now to explore Nicaragua. Though the country’s history is filled with war, political unrest, corruption, financial turmoil, and a massive earthquake in 1972, it is filled with a surprisingly loving and generous people. Nicaragua is not short on marvelous nature, exotic plants and animals, colorful arts and traditional music, and, despite the war and quake, some amazing architecture and beautiful buildings and cities throughout the country.

The cities that are primed for a visit vary, from the capital of Managua to the ancient cities of Granada and Leon, all of which carry the stories of this remarkable country. Buildings still stand in their original style and serve as a photographer’s perfect subject for those looking to chronicle what remains. The colorfully painted buildings are a symbol of a lighter time and a style that keeps the streets a work of art unto themselves. While the major cities all have iconic churches and buildings, smaller towns, such as San Juan Del Sur, Masaya, and the islands of Ometepe, carry their own beauty and noteworthy stories. Although it's a fairly small country, there are different worlds to be discovered here. From the culture of Blue Fields to the Caribbean feel of the Corn Islands to the city life in Managua, this pint-size country offers a realm of differences all waiting to be explored and discovered.

The endless stretch of volcanoes along Nicaragua's Pacific coastline has not only created rich organic soil for the staple of coffee plantations that help provide for this country, but it has also become a place where Mother Nature is clearly just showing off. The vistas from the top of each volcano are breathtaking, and the environment on each is so different you may feel like you're on different continents, with locales as varied as the black volcanic sand of Cerro Negro and the Apoyo Lagoon, where you can swim away the day in the warm crater of a dormant volcano. The hiking on the almost-perfect conical volcano of Momotombo, which can be viewed from almost anywhere in Nicaragua, is unparalleled. Not letting a resource slip by, there is also a geothermal plant at the bottom, taking advantage of this unique resource of energy. As one of the highest volcanoes in Nicaragua without a clearly marked trail to the top, this is definitely a challenging adventure.

Published: 13 Feb 2013
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication
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