New River Gorge National Wild & Scenic River

Grandview Overlook at New River Gorge National River
Grandview Overlook at New River Gorge National River (courtesy, National Park Service)

New River Gorge National River provides a variety of different trails throughout the park. Peaceful forest trails, superb overlooks, and historic scenery are all found here. The trails available consist of official park service trails that are marked and maintained, trails within lands administered by state parks, and unmarked and undeveloped trails and abandoned roads.

Trails range from 1/4 mile to 7 miles in length. Several can be easily connected to make for longer excursions. Difficulty varies from flat, smooth walking to steep challenging terrain. Trail recommendations and maps are offered at Canyon Rim, Grandview, Hinton, and Thurmond visitor centers. Ranger guided hikes are available throughout the park. Much of the land within the National Park Service authorized boundaries remains private property: Please respect the owners' rights.

All mileages are one-way unless identified as a loop trail.

Bluestone Turnpike Trail
This 7-mile trail follows along the Bluestone River, and offers a tranquil riverside experience. Access is from Bluestone and Pipestem State Parks.

Bridge Trail
This 1.6-mile trail begins on Fayette Station Road near Fayetteville. This is a steep, rocky trail with unique views of the new River Gorge Bridge. Connects with the Kaymoor Trail at Wolf Creek.

Brooklyn to Southside Junction Trail
A 6-mile trail that follows the banks of the New River, passing the ruins of numerous abandoned town sites. The trail begins at the old town site of Brooklyn, at the end of the Cunard Access Road.

More information on Brooklyn to Southside Junction Trail

Canyon Rim Boardwalk
Located at Canyon Rim Visitor Center just north of Fayetteville. This 20-minute round-trip walk descends a set of stairs to great overlooks of the New River and the New River Gorge Bridge. A fully accessible ramp leads to the first overlook.

Cunard to Kaymoor Trail
This trail begins from trailheads at Kaymoor Top and on the Cunard Access Road. It follows an old road past the site of the Eleverton Mine, offering views of the gorge and river. From Kaymoor Top it is 3.8 miles to the Kaymoor Mine and 6.5 miles to Cunard. From Cunard, it is 6.1 miles to the Kaymoor Mine and 6.5 miles to Kaymoor Top. Note: Bicycles allowed up to the Kaymoor Mine.

Glade Creek Trail
Beginning near Prince on route 41, this 5-mile trail follows Glade Creek as it descends to the New River. Fishing and camping are popular on this trail.

Grandview Trails
Five trails, ranging from 3/8 to 2 miles in length, are found at Grandview. Great overlooks of the New River Gorge, interesting geologic formations, and the spring rhododendron bloom are some of the attractions.

Kaymoor Trail
This popular trail follows an old road to the former coal mining site of Kaymoor. A steep trail leads from the mine openings down to the coke ovens and town site at river level.

Kaymoor Miners Trail
This short, but steep, trail descends from the rim of the gorge to the historic Kaymoor Mine.

More information on Kaymoor Miners Trail

Laing Loop Trail
Begins at Burnwood Day Use Area, across from Canyon Rim Visitor Center. An enjoyable walk through forest, rhododendron, and open field.

Long Point Trail
Traverses field and forest on the way to a rock outcrop (Long Point) with panoramic views of the gorge and bridge.

More information on Long Point Trail

Sandstone Falls Boardwalk
This 0.25-mile boardwalk is fully accessible, and offers outstanding views of Sandstone Falls. These falls extend across the entire New River, and are among the parks most popular attractions.

Thurmond to Minden Trail
This popular 3.2-mile trail follows an abandoned railroad grade above the New River and Arbuckle Creek. Several overlooks provide views of the town of Thurmond and the New River. There are five railroad trestles that are crossed.

More information on Thurmond to Minden Trail

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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