Top Ten Ancient Forests of the United States

Joyce Kilmer Forest, North Carolina

There was a time when every American school kid learned the poem "I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree." Those words were written by Joyce Kilmer, a (male) Army sergeant killed in World War I. Three cheers for the traditional canon.

Thanks to the Depression and the lower demand for lumber, the Forest Service was able to acquire this parcel of land in the Nantahalla National Forest in the 1930s. The good sergeant never stepped foot on the land, but calling it after him was a fitting tribute. A nifty two-and-a-half mile trail loops through the 3,800-acre forest. Some yellow poplars in this forest stand 100 feet tall and are 20 feet in circumference. The forest floor is open, and if you go in spring you'll be treated to a buoyant display of wildflowers.

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