Mount Rainier National Park

Sunrise Hikes

Burroughs Mountain: The mountain views from any point on this trail are superb, offering perhaps the finest accessible tundra in the Cascades. Plants able to survive in this harsh environment are extremely delicate and slow growing.

Although there is no camp on Burroughs Mountain, Sunrise Camp lies along the way, approximately one mile from the parking area. It is popular with families who wish to hike only a short distance before making camp. Permits are required for camping.

The trail leaves from the Sunrise Parking Area.
7 miles - 3 hours round-trip

Sourdough Ridge: The beautiful sub-alpine meadows of the Sunrise area are home to fragile volcanic soil and the interesting variety of plants and animals. A gentle climb to the ridgetop offers breathtaking views of Mount Rainier, with Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, and Mount Adams in the distance.
Sunrise area, north side of parking area
1 mile - 1-hour loop trail

White River, Glacier Basin: The trail follows parts of an old road leading to the site of what was once an old mining claim in the late 1880s. After the first mile a 1/2-mile side trail leads along the Emmons Moraine to a view of the Emmons Glacier, the largest glacier in the contiguous United States. In late July and August the meadows of the basin are multi-colored with a wide variety of subalpine wildflowers. Watch for Mountain Goats on the surrounding slopes and mountain climbers ascending the Inter Glacier to Camp Schurman.
White River Campground
7 miles - 4 hours round-trip

Sunrise, Mt. Fremont: The trail follows long Sourdough Ridge to Frozen Lake before it climbs to the fire lookout. From the lookout you will have a grand view of Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Range to the north and east. You will gain 1,200 feet. Staff may be available to assist you on the weekends.
Sunrise parking area
5.5 miles - 3 hours round-trip


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