Mount Rainier National Park

Hiking Trails

All distances and times are round-trip from the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center, unless otherwise stated.

Paradise Area Trails

Alta Vista Trail: A loop leading through flower fields to a prominent knoll overlooking Paradise with views of Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens.
1.5 miles - 1 hour

Dead Horse Creek: A spur trail that joins the Skyline Trail below Glacier Vista—less steep than the Skyline trail.
2.5 miles - 1.5 hours to Glacier Vista

Paradise Glacier: Recently glaciated, the area offers a view of polished rocks and other ice-carved formations.
6 miles - 4 hours

Lakes Trail: A loop that takes you through subalpine meadows to Reflection Lakes, offering fine views of Stevens Ridge and the Tatoosh Range.
5 miles - 4 hours

Moraine Trail: A spur off the Dead Horse Creek Trail leading to the rock moraine at the edge of the Nisqually Glacier. Wear sturdy boots for this hike and use caution while crossing loose rocks on the moraine.
3 miles - 1-3/4 hours

Nisqually Vista Trail: A rather easy loop from which you can enjoy views of the mountain and the entire length of the Nisqually Glacier.
1.2 miles - 1 hour

Skyline Trail: This is the highest trail at Paradise, taking you above treeline to Glacier Vista and Panorama Point for views of Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and the Nisqually Glacier.
5 miles - 4 hours

Camp Muir: Follow the Skyline Trail 2.3 miles upward to Pebble Creek. Here the Muir Snowfield begins, and the next 2.2 miles involve an ascent of 2,800 feet up the snowfield. Although thousands of people hike to Camp Muir each year, it is not for the inexperienced or novice hiker.
The trailhead is located to the left of the ranger station in the large parking lot at Paradise.
9 miles - 6 to 8 hours, 4,600-foot elevation change

Carbon River Area Trails

Carbon River Rainforest Nature Trail: Explore the only true inland rainforest at Mount Rainier along this trail.
Carbon River entrance to the park
0.3 miles - 20-minute loop trail

Carbon Glacier: The trail follows the Carbon River through the forest all the way to the snout of the glacier. Beware of falling rocks from the glacier snout.
Ipsut Creek Campground
7 miles - 3 hours round-trip

Tolmie Peak: The trail leads you through the forest to Eunice Lake before climbing to the fire lookout. The lake is most inviting, but please stay on the trail; it will provide you access to the lake and views of Mount Rainier.
Mowich Lake
7 miles - 3 hours round-trip

Longmire Trails

Eagle Peak: Most of the trail lies in virgin forest where hikers can enjoy the beauty of tall timber and look for wildlife among the tree branches and forest understory. Lush subalpine flower fields surround the last 0.5 mile of trail.
7.2 miles - 5 hours

Wonderland Trail to Indian Henry's: This strenuous hike through old-growth forest takes you on a 2,400-foot elevation climb to scenic alpine meadows. The trail begins across the road from the Museum in Longmire, and offers commanding views of Mount Rainier. Please stay on the trail to protect the fragile meadows of Indian Henry's Hunting Ground.
6.5 miles one way - 4 hours

Van Trump Park and Comet Falls: Located 4.4 miles uphill from Longmire, this steep trail passes Comet Falls (1.6 miles), the second highest falls in the park at 320 feet. From Van Trump Park are up-close views of Mount Rainier and, when in season, lots of wildflowers. Look for Mountain goats in late June and early July.
5 miles - 4 hours

Carter Falls: An easy and beautiful old-growth forest walk along the Paradise River. A wooden pipeline along part of the trail was part of a hydroelectric facility that once generated power for Longmire. Walk past Carter Falls another 50 yards to see Madcap Falls. The trailhead is located 100 yards downhill from the Cougar Rock Campground entrance.
2 miles - 2 hours

Trail of the Shadows: Along this trail you'll see an early homestead cabin and a variety of plants and animals that now call this area home.
Across the road from the National Park Inn at Longmire
1/2 mile - 30-minute loop trail

Ohanapecosh Area Trails

Crystal Lakes: The first 1.5 miles of trail climb through the forest on a series of switchbacks, which provide a good look at Mount Rainier until the view is eclipsed by Crystal Peak. The next mile leads to forested Lower Crystal Lake, the smaller of the two lakes. The lovely open basin containing Upper Crystal Lake lies 0.5 mile beyond. Watch for elk and mountain goats grazing in July and August. The trailhead is located on SR 410 approximately four miles north of Cayuse Pass toward the north park boundary.
6 miles - 3 hours

There are wilderness camps both at Lower and Upper Crystal Lakes. Be sure to camp in designated sites only. Permits are required for camping, and are available parkwide from hiker information centers, ranger stations, and visitor centers.

The Forest and Springs of Ohanapecosh: The green and quiet forests of Mount Rainier offer a shady counterpoint to the windswept high country of the park. Stroll beneath towering Douglas firs and hemlocks on your way to the bubbling mineral waters of the Ohanapecosh Hot Springs.
Ohanapecosh Campground, behind visitor center
1/2 mile - 30-minute loop trail

Grove of the Patriarchs: Explore a large island surrounded by the Ohanapecosh River, where thousand-year-old Douglas fir and Western red cedar trees tower high above you.
Just west of the Stevens Canyon Entrance Station
1.3 miles - 1-hour loop trail


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