Mount Hood National Forest

Hiking Overview
Mount Hood National Forest
Mount Hood National Forest (George Diebold/Digital Vision/Getty)

Mount Hood offers some of the most challenging and enjoyable hiking in Oregon. All trails maintained by the US Forest Service and their volunteers in Mount Hood are listed below, organized by Ranger District. They are suitable for both day hikes and overnight backpacking.

Safety Tips

Car Clouting: or auto vandalism is a problem at trailheads. Camera gear, wallets, checkbooks, and drugs are the prime targets. When you leave your car, do everything possible to secure your valuables. The best way is to plan ahead and leave valuables at home. If you become a victim of "car clouting," report it to the appropriate County Sheriff's office.

Early Season Hikes: Trail maintenance on most districts does not begin until late spring or early summer. Prior to that time you can expect blow down and/or erosion problems on many trails. Snow levels will vary according to elevation and aspect (the direction a slope faces).


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