Mount Hood National Forest

Hiking - Difficult Trails


Cooper Spur Loop
Length: 8 miles - 6 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Season: July-September
Description: Turn west off highway 35 just north of Polallie Trailhead on to Road 3510 and drive to Cooper Spur Inn. Turn left at the Cloud Cap Road 3512 and drive (10 miles on an unpaved road) to Cloud Cap Campground. Follow Timberline Trail #600 South to junction with Tilly Jane Trail #600A. Turn right and follow the rough trail uphill to a viewpoint at 8,500 feet. Spectacular view of the north side of Mt. Hood and the Elliott Glacier (second largest in Oregon). Return to Cloud Cap via the Tilly Jane Trail to complete the loop.

Tilly Jane, Polallie Ridge Loop
Length: 5 miles - 5 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Season: June-Oct
Description: Access as above but stop at the end of the pavement on Road 3512 at the Tilly Jane Ski Trail parking area. Follow Tilly Jane Ski Trail #643 to junction with Polallie Ridge Trail #643A. Follow trail #643A to Tilly Jane Campground. Return via Tilly Jane Ski Trail to complete the loop.


Hunchback Rimrock
Length: 4 miles - 3 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Season: Apr-Nov
Description: Parking is available at the Zigzag Ranger Station. Hunchback trail follows up the ridge through deep timber to a Rimrock Viewpoint and over-view of Salmon River Valley Continuing on will take you up to Devils Peak Lookout a further 6 miles along the ridge.

Salmon Butte
Length: 10 miles - 6 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Season: June-Nov
Description: Drive Salmon River Road (2618) six miles and turn right on a short spur road. There is a parking area for the trailhead at the end of the spur. The trail starts in the middle of an old clear-cut and climbs steadily through beautiful forest to summit of Salmon Butte (elevation 4,900 ft.). Great views of Salmon River and Roaring river Valleys are below. Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Jefferson are in the distance.


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