Mark Twain National Forest


Seeing the Mark Twain National Forest from its hundreds of miles of mountain-biking friendly trails is an experience you'll likely remember for a lifetime. Mountain bike use is also permitted on forest roads and trails unless specifically posted otherwise. The exceptions are wilderness areas, which are closed to motorized or mechanical transport of any kind. Here's a rundown of trails open to mountain bikes, followed by their lengths in miles as well as level of difficulty:

Berryman (Potosi) 24 Moderate
Cedar Creek 35 Easy to moderate
Cole Creek (Houston) 6 Moderate
Council Bluff Lake (Potosi) 3 Moderate
Kaintuck Hollows (Rolla) 24 Moderate
Moses Austin (Potosi) 14 Moderate
Red Bluff (Potosi) 1 Moderate
Ridge Runner (Willow Springs) 22 Moderate to difficult
Swan Creek (Ava) 20 Moderate
Victory Horse Trail 22 Moderate

Ozark Trail Sections

Between the Rivers (11 Pt.)




Easy to moderate

Eleven Point (11 Pt.) 30 Moderate to difficult
Karkaghne (Salem) 12 Moderate
Marble Creek (Fredericktown) 8 Moderate
North Fork River (Willow Springs) 12 Easy to moderate
Trace Creek (Potosi) 4 Moderate
Victory (Poplar Bluff) 8 Moderate

ATV Trails (Salem) 20 Difficult
Chadwick Motorcyle Area (Ava) 125 Moderate to difficult

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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