Mammoth Cave National Park

Hiking - North Side

Traveling north from the Visitor Center on Green River Ferry Road and turning left on Maple Spring Road, you will quickly wind your way to Good Spring Church and the Maple Spring Trailhead, a jumping-off point for the majority of trails on the North Side. Here you'll find the Sal Hollow Trail, a nine-mile jaunt past a wild cave, sinkholes, and springs. A mile down Sal Hollow, you'll come upon a spur, the Ganter Cave Trail, that leads to the park's longest wild cave on the north side of the Green River. You'll need Park Service permission if you want to enter and explore this cave.

Farther up Green River Ferry Road, on the north edge of the park, you'll come to the Lincoln Trailhead. From here you can access the Collie Ridge Trail, which cuts through the heart of the park's backcountry. The trail is nearly level throughout the entire course of its four-mile length and features a large sandstone camping shelter at the trail's end.

In the remote western region of the park, Houchins Ferry Road rambles through the forest to the Houchins Ferry Trailhead. First Creek Trail starts here and is the only trail in the park to the Nolin River. Three campsites along the river are an ideal base camp for fishing the Nolin and its tributaries. The McCoy Hollow Trail heads in the opposite direction, following the winding Green River before turning north into the forest.

Trails on the north side vary in difficulty from being almost uniformly flat to having many steep grades.

Trail Begins At Length
Blair Spring Hollow Trail Collie Ridge Trail at Raymer Hollow 1.2 mi/1.9 km
Buffalo Trail Maple Springs Trailhead 4 mi/6.4 km
Collie Ridge Trail Lincoln Trailhead 4.3 mi/6.9 km
First Creek Hollow Trail Temple Hill Trailhead 6.7 mi/10.7 km
Ganter Cave Trail Maple Springs Trailhead 1.8 mi/2.9 km
Good Spring Loop Trail Maple Springs Trailhead 7.9 mi/12.7 km
McCoy Hollow Trail Temple Hill Trailhead 6.3 mi/10 km
Raymer Hollow Trail Maple Springs Trailhead 4.7 mi/7.5 km
Sal Hollow Trail Maple Springs Trailhead 8.7 mi/13.9 km
Turnhole Bend Trail Maple Springs Trailhead 3.2 mi/5.1 km
Wet Prong-McCoy Hollow Spur Wet Prong Trail 0.4 mi/0.6 km
Wet Prong Trail First Creek Trailhead 4.9 mi/7.9 km
White Oak Trail Little Jordan Road 2.7 mi/4.3 km


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