The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex

The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex is comprised of seven National Wildlife Refuges and one Wildlife Management Area. These eight units represent many of the habitat types found on Long Island that are important to migratory birds and other wildlife. Long Island's strategic location in the Atlantic Flyway provides important nesting, wintering, and migratory stop-over areas for hundreds of bird species, particularly those dependent on aquatic habitats. Each area of the Complex is unique and offers a diversity of habitats and wildlife.

Public access to the Refuges is limited. Wildlife-oriented activities such as environmental education, hiking, wildlife observation, photography, painting, fishing, and canoeing are encouraged on those Refuges that permit it. The accessibility of each Refuge is listed within. Inquiries regarding access by Special Use Permits may be made to the Refuge Manager.

As part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, the Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex is committed to the primary goal of managing the nation's wildlife. We do provide for public use when it does not interfere with our primary goal. We need your support in accomplishing this critical goal. Take Pride in America and YOUR nation's wildlife.

Visitors can expect to see wildlife at any time, but viewing is best during early morning and evening hours while taking a quiet, observant walk or boat trip. Remember, these animals are wild and shy. For the best chance to see them, bring binoculars and have patience.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 10 May 2011
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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