Top Ten Southern Africa Classic Adventures

Hike the Kruger

High adventure is why you come to South Africa's Kruger National Park: feeling your heart leap into your mouth as an elephant thunders across the veld; resisting the urge to run when the scimitar-curve of huge buffalo horns rises over the long grasses; lying sleepless in your tent listening to the ghoulish laughter of hyenas. All the "Big Five" (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and both species of rhino) flourish in South Africa's most popular game park, which is bigger in size than Israel and located four hours east of Johannesburg in the "lowveld" of Mpumalanga province. You can—with an armed guide—go hiking for up to four days into the middle of it all. And there's so much beauty: the scent of wild herbs crushed underfoot, meadows full of dancing butterflies, the feel of smooth tree trunks cool against the hand. One caveat: The high demand to hike these trails means you should book at least a year in advance.


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