Top Ten Arizona Adventures

Off the Beaten Path: Find the Lost Dutchman
By Tyler Williams

When miner Jacob Waltz stumbled out of the mountains in 1880 with a satchel full of gold, curiosities were naturally piqued. Despite these curiosities, Waltz did not reveal the location of his mine until he was on his death bed in 1892. The gold, he said, came from the Superstition Mountains.

In the ensuing years, treasure seekers far and wide have come to the Superstitions to try to find the Dutchman's (actually, Waltz was a German immigrant) mine. All attempts have failed, yet the mystery has grown into a western legend. This western legend happens to be set in classic western scenery as well. This is Sonoran Desert country, where the majestic saguaro cactus and flame-tipped ocotillo are commonplace. Even if you don't find gold in them thar' hills, you'll likely return from the Superstitions richer than when you arrived.


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