The New Northwest Passage

PNT Guidebook
By Ronald Strickland, Pacific Northwest Trail Founder

The PNT is still under development. This means that you will most likely have much of this spectacular pathway all to yourself. Also, your opportunity to be a pioneer trail-developer will never be greater than it is right now.

This very summer, your help can make a real difference.

In April, 2001, Sasquatch Books will publish the updated PNT guidebook, complete with the topographic maps necessary to hike all 68 sections of the route and information on access points, supply points, food drop sites, and mileage charts.

The PNTA needs your help to test the accuracy of this guide prior to publication.

In summer of 2000, a limited number of PNT guidebooks are available on diskette from the Pacific Northwest Trail Association. ($16.00 postpaid.) For more information on testing the guidebook, contact the Pacific Northwest Trail Association at PO Box 1817, Mount Vernon, WA, 98273.


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