Ballard and Walker: PCT Thru-Hikers

Tehachapi Times

June 8, 2000—Day 32—555 miles—10:41 a.m.: Once again we find ourselves standing on the shoulder of a rural highway, this time Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road, hoping our puppy-dog eyes will earn us a ride. We camped amidst Joshua trees and pinyon pines in the Tehachapi Mountains last night and awoke to temperatures in the low 40s. This is the Mojave? Sitting on my pack waiting for a car to stick my thumb at, I'm wearing my mittens and fleece hat. Whoever built the wind farms that litter the surrounding hills had the right idea: The gusts nearly bowled me over on the way down here. Tehachapi Pass is renowned for its nearly incessant wind and the extreme weather caused by cool, marine air coming from the west hitting the hot, dry air rising up off the desert. Today, black clouds loom low on the horizon and we're hoping to get to town before it rains. [MORE. . .]

Duffy and Angela are losing weight! Check out what gear they've dropped. Also see their original gear lists.


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