Heidenreich & Gass: CDT Thru-Hikers

Trail Dispatch: Week 2

May 3, 2000: Silver City, New Mexico—Day 9—We have walked approximately 100 miles from Hachita, using jeep roads and walking cross-country. The landscape began to change north of I-10—the stretches of plains cut by abrupt mountains gave way to rolling hills, and we started to get glimpses of the Gila. North of the interstate we actually saw trees and greenery along dry riverbeds in the valleys.

About 10 miles outside of Hachita, Sarah developed a nose bleed that was unstoppable for 2 hours. Although we suspected the dry air and the heat, we were unsure what to do about it. We had decided to head to town to seek out advice when we met a rancher, a"cow puncher" as they are called by some, named June. He offered to drive us to the pharmacy in Deming, where the pharmacist suggested nasal decongestant. A friend of June's was adament about the wonders Vicks works for bloody noses. We later discovered that the Vicks label specifically warns against putting it up your nose.

Later that night we were enjoying a cowboy dinner of biscuts and gravy and the stories of a lifetime of ranching and training "cutting" horses shared with us by June and his wife Beth. Oh, what a blessing that nose bleed turned out to be!


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