A Week in the Cascades


Route: Interstate 90 at Snoqualmie Pass to Highway 2 at Stevens Pass

Declination: 19-1/2 'E

Supplies: Two restaurants, a burger stand and a post office are found at Snoqualmie Pass, where Greyhound offers daily bus service from the east or west. Also at the broad pass is a bed and breakfast inn that has become a special gathering place for PCT hikers. Showers, laundry, reasonable rates, and shared stories make this place a treat, and the owners will pick you up and drop you off if you call 434-65 40 from the phone at the post office. At section's end, Stevens Pass, there are no facilities. The closest town and post office to this pass is at Skykomish, about 14 miles west.

Wilderness Permits: None are required along this section, but the Forest Service asks that all hikers self-register at the post just beyond the Snoqualmie Pass trailhead.

Problems: Snow typically lingers through mid-August on some of the steep traverses during the first 15 miles, making for some treacherous gully crossings.

Mileage South
I90 at Snoqualmie Pass 0.0 7.0 74.5
Ridge Lake and Gravel Lake 7.0 8.2 67.5
Park Lakes campsites 15.2 6.5 59.3
Lemah Creek 21.7 9.8 52.8
Waptus Burn Trail 31.5 4.8 43.0
Waptus River 36.3 7.7 38.2
Deep Lake 44.0 3.2 30.5
Cathedral Pass 47.2 5.3 27.3
Deception Pass 52.5 3.4 22.0
Deception Lakes outlet creek 55.9 4.0 18.6
Glacier Lake campsite 59.9 6.5 14.6
Hope Lake 66.4 3.8 8.1
Lake Susan Jane 70.2 4.3 4.3
Highway 2 at Stevens Pass 74.5 0.0

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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