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Pie Town: A Little Slice of Heaven
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May 18, 2000: Day 16 — Rest Day — Nita Lorrande, the ultimate trail angel, welcomed us into her home, and we showered, laundered, and ate ice cream as Nita told us about Pie Town, the New Mexico hamlet of 60 souls, and its famous pies. After hearing how we had dreamed of nothing but pies for the last week, Nita insisted on opening the cafe that night, and we sampled their world famous cream pies with Nita and Kathy, the generous owner.

Next morning we were surprised to find that there were no savory pies at the famous Pie-O-Neer. In a feeble attempt to earn our keep, and probably against their better judgment, Kathy and Nita let us loose in the kitchen, where we whipped up an Aussie meat pie (the English half was tastier). They might have been humouring us, but the Pie-O-Neer might soon have savory pies on offer, and Kathy and Nita reckon that culinarily inclined hikers should stop by and share their recipes in the future.

We concluded our stay in Pie Town with a yoga class—the Wild West continues to surprise—and we return to the trail happy and rested. We only wish we could dehydrate a few oatmeal raisin pies and take them with us.

Nita and Kathy, Prairie and Autumn: Thanks for the mighty fine pies and for putting up with us. We had a blast and will remember Pie Town as a very special place!

Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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