Hiawatha National Forest


Peninsula Point Lighthouse - Climb the spiral staircase to the top of this Stonington Peninsula landmark and experience a spectacular view of Little and Big Bays de Noc and Green Bay at the north shore of Lake Michigan. The waiting panorama is unmatched.

Point Iroquois Lighthouse - On the National Register of Historic Places, its existence serves as a reminder of historic Great Lakes travel and a former way of life. It stands high above the waters of Lake Superior at the entry to the St. Mary's River. Interpretive tours are offered during the summer.

Round Island Lighthouse - Constructed in 1895, the beacon draws you to Mackinac Island with the promise of a step into the past. It also serves as an important reference point for the many freighters and pleasure vessels using the shipping channel between Mackinac and Round Island and is only 1,000 feet from the channel.

Niagara Escarpment - This rock is part of a formation that extends for 900 miles from New York to Wisconsin. It was formed from the bottom sediments of tropical seas that existed over central North America more than 400 million years ago.

Naomikong Point - Full of history, this beautiful area gets its name "Naomikong" from an Ojibwa Indian word meaning "where the breakers strike the shore." It was an important fishing ground and location of a mission outpost during the 1800s, and, at one time, an Indian village was located on the shore here.

Naomikong Suspension Bridge - Often called the "mini-mac bridge," this 100-foot suspension bridge spans the Naomikong River as it delivers its waters to Lake Superior.

Grand Island - Upon first seeing this island, America's newest National Recreation Area, one can see why it was added to the system. Alternating sandy beaches and sheer cliffs rim the island, a past home to the Ojibwa Indians. The first white settler, Abraham Williams, arrived here as late as the 1800s.

Spectacle Lake Overlook - Yet another of this region's magnificent views, Spectacle Overlook is one that should not be missed. Truly a place of peace and beauty, the scenery is fantastic in any season.

Squaw Creek Old Growth Area - This natural area of old-growth trees has the ability to take you back in time to the north woods forests of 100 years ago. The Hiawatha National Forest is committed to the preservation of this unique area in its natural state for future generations to enjoy.

Pendills Creek Fish Hatchery - Operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the hatchery is part of a program to restock lake trout in the Great Lakes.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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