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The Gunnison National Forest is part of the central Rocky Mountains and includes two peaks over 14,000 feet and another 20 peaks over 13,000 feet in elevation. The La Garita, Collegiate Peaks, Maroon Bells-Snowmass, Raggeds, Fossil Ridge, Powderhorn, and West Elk Wilderness Areas are popular backcountry areas.

Summerville Trail
Summerville Trail begins in Taylor River Canyon, approximately 1 mile below Lodgepole Campground, and continues for 11 miles. This area is remote and few people go into it. Recommended for experienced hikers.

Washington Gulch Trail
This trail starts at Gothic Campground and goes to the Old Lodgepole of Elkton, approximately 3 miles. Scenic views of the mountains and drainage around Crested Butte.

Lion Gulch Trail
The trail starts approximately 1/8 mile inside the Forest boundary on Red Creek Road and goes to West Elk Creek, approximately 5 miles. Trail goes through interesting geological formations and has outstanding vistas. Recommended for hikers in good physical condition.

Beaver Ponds Trail
This is an easy trail. Approximately 1/2 mile in length and has benches and interpretative signs. The trail begins off the Ohio Creek Road and ends at a large beaver pond, where a Forest Service picnic ground is provided. It is recommended for young and old. Fishing is available in the ponds.

Texas Creek
The trailhead begins at the end of Texas Creek 4WD Road. Trail leads into Waterloo (5 mi.), Magdalene Gulch (8 mi.), South Texas Creek (7 mi.), and Browns Pass (7 mi.). The area is characterized by old mine workings and alpine scenery. Motor vehicles are prohibited. Hiking experience is recommended.

Timberline Trail
This trail starts Just below Mirror Lake campground, and crosses the Cottonwood Pass Road 8.5 miles to the north. Both points are accessible by automobile. Timberline Trail offers superb views of Taylor Reservoir and Park. It is an easy trail, requiring no previous experience.

Mysterious Lake
Starts off Trail Creel Road approximately 5 miles from Spring Creek Reservoir. It is 5 miles long. Some previous hiking experience is desirable. There are fish in Mysterious Lake.

Henry Lake Trail
The trail takes off at Lottis Creek Campground and is 7 miles long. It is rough and steep. There is fishing at Henry Lake. The trail is recommended for hikers in good physical condition.

Mineral Creek Trail
This trail follows Mineral Creek and ties into the Skyline Trail, which enters the La Garita Wilderness from the west. The Mineral Creek Trail intersects the Cebolla Trail approximately 3 miles from its beginning. This enables one to make loop trips or to continue on up Mineral Creek and through the La Garita Wilderness. The length of the trail from its beginning at the Skyline Trail is approximately 6 miles. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail.

Skyline Trail
The trail begins at the confluence of Cochetopa Creek and Stewart Creek and follows Cochetopa Creek, entering the La Garita Wilderness from the east, crossing the Wilderness, and linking with the Mineral Creek Trail on the west side of the Wilderness. The length of the trail from Stewart Creek to the Mineral Creek Trail is approximately 14 3/4 miles. The length of the entire trail from Stewart Creek to Cebolla is approximately 25 1/2 miles. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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