Cataloochee Trails

Top Trails: Cataloochee Loop Hikes

Numerous longer loops can also be made in this area. The loop from Cataloochee Campground (or the end of the paved road) to Spruce Mountain Campsite #42 and along Balsam Mountain is especially gorgeous. Or, go to Spruce Mountain and back to Cataloochee Valley (use Mt. Sterling Ridge Trail, Balsam Mountain Trail, Spruce Mountain Trail, and Rough Fork Trail).

The loop from Polls Gap around the rim of Cataloochee Valley to Hemphill Bald offers impressive views to the north and east. From Hemphill Bald and Cataloochee Divide, several side trails (Hemphill/Double Gap Trail, McKee Branch Trail, or Rough Fork Trail) lead down to Cataloochee Valley and back to Polls Gap. Another recommended loop in the Cataloochee Valley Area goes to Mt. Sterling Firetower (use Pretty Hollow Gap Trail and Mt. Sterling Ridge Trail) and then returns to Cataloochee (use Mount Sterling Gap Trail, Long Bunk Trail, and Little Cataloochee Trail).

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Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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